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UKTV has unveiled its forthcoming slate of new UKTV Original comedy entertainment shows for Dave, with new shows featuring Tom Allen, Ivo Graham, Kerry Godliman, Jessica Knappett, and Jon Richardson.

The announcement includes the following new shows coming to TV later this year:

The Island – Tom Allen

Tom Allen will front Dave’s new format The Island. Across the entire series, four comics will compete to make their own personal dream desert island the best one. Each week, Tom Allen will put these four islands, and their leaders to the test – who’s got the best house band? How do you even judge that? And you may think you want your island’s only drink to be Fanta Limon, but what happens when it attracts that swarm of angry bees you chose last week?

The Island is devised by James Acaster, Ed Gamble, Lloyd Langford and John Robins, and produced by Super Best Quality Video Productions.

Tom said, ‘At a time when so many of us have fantasised about living on an island far away from the people around us, I couldn’t be more excited to be hosting this fun, original show whilst putting comics through their paces to demonstrate that utopia is a very difficult thing to achieve. I’m also delighted to be working alongside the hilarious comic talents of Kemah Bob and Jason Forbes who I’ve wanted to work with for years – it’s going to be a lot of fun!”

British As Folk – Ivo Graham

Ivo Graham, Fern Brady and Darren Harriott will host British As Folk, a brand-new fact entertainment format produced by STV Studios. The three comics will travel across the nation discovering and interrogating the stereotypes and traditions that make up British life today and, in the process, create their very own ‘brutally honest’ guide to the UK.

Ivo said, ‘Travelling around the country with Fern and Darren has been a delight, although as the designated driver of our hired Nissan Elgrand, I have found that their constant stream of unbroadcastable comedy gossip makes it quite difficult to concentrate on the road.’

British As Folk will be executive produced for UKTV by Mark Iddon, commissioning editor and was developed by Natalie Rose. Mark said, ‘I’m really excited to see what these three uncover on their journey. They have such great chemistry together and I can’t think of a better ensemble to be taking on what makes us British As Folk.’

Craig Hunter, creative director of factual at STV Studios, said, ‘As fearless young comedians, Fern, Ivo and Darren are all too aware of the labels placed on them and the labels they can place on others. They’re the perfect trio to
explore why British culture is entrenched in stereotypes, and if these age-old perceptions are still relevant in 2021. British As Folk is a deep dive into what it means to be British in these remarkable times, and we’re delighted to be bringing the series to Dave, undoubtedly its natural home.’

Outsiders – Kerry Godliman and Jessica Knappett

David Mitchell will host Outsiders, a comedy entertainment series for channel Dave in which a group of comedians are challenged with outdoor tasks. Kerry Godliman, Jessica Knappett, Jamali Maddix, Toussaint Douglass, Ed Gamble and Lou Sanders will feature across six hour-long episodes.

UKTV says: ‘Outsiders sees David challenge a returning cast of three pairs of comedians to prove they’ve got the mettle and skills to thrive in the great outdoors.’

David Mitchell, who co-developed the format with producers Renegade Pictures, says, ‘Civilisation is clearly crumbling so it’s high time we worked out whether we can cope without it. And if you can think of a better way of doing that than making six comedians learn survival skills, then you weren’t involved in the development process of this programme.’

Harry Lansdown from Renegade Pictures comments: ‘We are all excited to see how our comedians will fare, living together deep in the forest, under David’s iron rule, and without an Uber or Deliveroo in sight.’

Meet the Richardsons – Jon Richardson

Work has begun on a third series of Meet The Richardsons just as series two hits our screens.

The show, offering a fictionalised look at the married life of comedians Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont, will be back for ten new forty minute episodes.

Beaumont writes the show with Tim Reid, who previously worked on Car Share. She said: ‘Oh god; I’ve got to stay married to him another year.’

Meet The Richardsons is currently the most popular show on the channel and has previously featured several celebrity guest stars, including Rob Beckett, Alan Carr and Johnny Vegas. ‘The series echoes our real life. So Lucy’s very much in the ascendant and I am on the way down, physically and professionally,’ Jon said.