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Rich Hall’s latest documentary on the USA has debuted to fantastic reviews in The Guardian and The Telegraph, with The Guardian calling Rich ‘Sigmund Freud in a cowboy hat’, and The Telegraph stating ‘Hall’s secret to working happiness is to “love the thing you do. It’s that simple, folks.” He’d never admit it, but he seems to have cracked it. This rambunctious essay was a great fillip.’

In the new documentary, Rich explores the American Dream, and the dictum that came over with the very first pilgrims who set foot on Plymouth Rock: work hard and you will succeed.

With his sharp wit and acerbic insight, Rich looks at how Americans strive to achieve this dream and how it’s been explored and perpetuated by politicians, industrialists, artists, writers and filmmakers.

Rich also looks at the dark heart of the American dream and considers what happens when the dream turns into a nightmare, from the Great Depression of the thirties, the boom and bust of Detroit, to the modern demise of America’s shrinking middle class.

The Land of Opportunity has attracted all comers to live the American Dream, and Rich will tell you if it actually exists or if it’s just a myth that’s become unobtainable for Americans.

You can watch the show on iPlayer here now.