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Cover art has been revealed today for Jack Dee’s new book What Is Your Problem? which will be published by Quercus in Hardback on 28th October.

You can pre-order now on Amazon here or on other outlets (including signed copies) here.

This October, Quercus will publish a book of hilarious advice from the UK’s newest and funniest Agony Uncle, Jack Dee. Editorial Director Jane Sturrock bought UK and world (excluding Canada and USA) rights for What Is Your Problem? by Jack Dee from Joe Norris at Off The Kerb Productions.

Author, Jack Dee said ‘It’s just my way of giving something back.’

Editorial Director, Jane Sturrock said ‘Jack Dee is a national treasure and I can’t think of anyone better placed to comfort and console readers in their hour of need than the man dubbed by Jeremy Hardy as “comedy’s little ray of sleet”. Jack’s particular brand of advice is unconventional, impatient, sometimes sarcastic and yet often surprisingly wise, and the result is laugh-out-loud funny.’

Established as one of Britain’s well-loved and biggest comedy stars, Jack has captured the imagination of audiences with his dry humour and deadpan delivery. In 2009, he replaced the legendary Humphrey Lyttelton as chairman of the widely adored BBC Radio 4 ‘antidote to panel games’, I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue. Jack also co-wrote and starred in the BBC Two sitcom Lead Balloon, starred as Geoff in three series of the hit BBC series Josh, and co-wrote and starred in the hit ITV sitcom Bad Move.

The book will launch with a major marketing and publicity campaign this autumn, including national broadcast interviews, print serial and key festival appearances around the UK.

Too often today the emphasis in psychotherapy is on providing clients with a metaphorical hug when what they so clearly need is good slap, so Jack took the matter into his own hands during lockdown and whilst everyone else was baking bread and clearing out their cupboards, he retrained online as a psychotherapist. After an incredibly gruelling four hours of study, he was awarded a certificate of completion from The Ruislip College of Advansed Learning (sic).

So, with his training in hand, he has been expertly helping people out with their problems since announcing his new vocation. What is Your Problem? is a compilation of readers’ problems, be they about relationships, finances, cross-dressing, nosey neighbours, coping with Christmas, coping with teenagers or just coping with Mike from the accounts department, and Jack’s patient and compassionate responses, which draw on his unique but highly professional approach to therapy.

What is Your Problem? is the book to turn to when life has taken a downward turn and you just need a very good life.