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The second series of Meet The Richardsons is to return to Dave this Thursday, 8th April. The series comprises eight episodes, and two Christmas specials, and will follow real-life couple Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont as they embrace life in lockdown.

The first series of the fly-on-the-wall mockumentary was Dave’s second most-watched show through lockdown, attracting 1.13 million viewers on average, beaten only by the Red Dwarf feature-length episode The Promised Land.

Co-written by Beaumont with Tim Reid (Car Share), The Richardsons features the pair’s real-life family and neighbours, and has guest-starred Johnny Vegas, Jack Dee, Alan Carr and Rob Beckett among others.

Lucy Beaumont says: ‘So glad to be getting paid to have an argument again, lockdown has been weird living with someone who has spent his life practising social distancing and frequent hand-washing – if the Government advise wearing beige cardigans and being a tedious grump I know something has been going on.’

Jon Richardson adds: ‘It’s great news that there will be a second series of Meet The Richardsons. I can’t wait to give away the few private moments of my life that aren’t already in the public domain and welcome the crew back to The D&B with open arms. It was getting boring drinking alone in there anyway. Really. Fantastic stuff.’

Episode one of the new series airs Thursday 8th April 10:00 pm on Dave, or you can catch up on UKTV.