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‘A good test of “naturally funny” is the ability to recount tragedy and still have your audience in stitches. This is McNally’s forte’ – The Sunday Times

‘Joanne McNally, the star of Singlehood, shines in this’ – The Irish Times

‘Bite Me will break your heart, make you think, and make you smile, before making you laugh out loud. It’s a joy and a delight, and a show everyone should see, especially anyone with experience of diets or eating disorders. A serious topic treated with some serious good fun. Insist it makes a comeback’ – The Arts Review

Bite Me is the story of Joanne’s amaaaaaaazing diet. She didn’t just lose weight though; she lost jobs, friends and fellas, but didn’t care because she could wear bangles as belts and that, really, is all that mattered. Then suddenly, one day, over her morning carrot, Joanne realised that she’d lost her mind.

Turns out it was pinned to a lost property board up in space, enjoying the view and its new-found freedom. Trying to entice it back, however, became the hardest, funniest, greatest, and weirdest time of her life…

Following success with Wine Tamer at last year’s Edinburgh Festival, Joanne McNally has teamed up with director Una McKevitt to resurrect Bite Me for the VAULT Festival, for four nights. The show was nominated for Best Production, Best Performer and First Fortnight Award at the Tiger Dublin Fringe 2016. Drawing on Joanne’s personal experience of anorexia and bulimia through text and performance, the production examines how the conditions damage so much more than the physical health of sufferers – self-esteem being one, for a start – but it also gives a relatable and irreverent insight capable of eliciting laughter and, hopefully, some hope of a way out for those in the grip of such conditions.

Directed by Una McKevitt.
VAULT Festival, London.
Wednesday 13th March to Sunday 17th March.
4:35pm and 9:05pm.

Tickets are available here.