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Comedians Playing Fantasy Premier League Football is a new podcast with Jon Richardson and Matt Forde. Find all episodes on Apple Podcasts here.

With over seven million players worldwide, Fantasy Premier League is the biggest Fantasy Football game in the world. It’s played obsessively, with its joy and exasperation felt weekly by a huge community of players all over the globe.

Each week Matt and Jon invite one of these celebrity obsessives on to the show to take a deep dive into their Fantasy Football team.

The show is bookended over an individual game week, which means not only do we get to hear the famous face struggle and deliberate about their FPL choices – just like managers all over the world – but this means we also get to check in on them post game week to see how they’ve performed.

Best friends Jon Richardson and Matt Forde help the famous guest along the way, documenting their game week in a hilarious fashion whilst also competing against them. As well as focusing on that specific game week we’ll hear the celebs history with the game, their inevitable¬†highs and lows with it, why they’ve got a grudge against a rotating Pep Guardiola, and ultimately try to get to the heart of why this game takes over people’s lives.

Why does it lead to grown adults spending ninety minutes of their lives watching Fulham vs. West Brom on a Tuesday night in the hope for three bonus points. This is all done through some light hearted, comedy chat and a few entertaining strands.