Foil Arms & Hog




Sean Finegan, Conor McKenna and Sean Flanagan best known as Foil, Arms & Hog are the comedic sketch group founded in 2008 whilst studying architecture, engineering and genetics at University College Dublin. The group’s name evolved from the nicknames that they affectionately held for each other; Foil (Sean Finegan) being the comedy foil, Arms (Conor McKenna) was ‘all arms and legs’ and Hog (Sean Flanagan) because he ostensibly hogged the limelight.
Their YouTube videos have garnered more than 82 million views and the group’s Facebook content regularly draws tens of millions of views. Some of their more well-known sketches are How to Speak Dublin, A Kerryman gives Directions and WTF is Brexit.

‘An effervescent hour of fast-paced gags, fizzing with energy, invention and great lines’



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